Worshipful Master 2018

Brandon W. McCune

The Masters Message - September 2018


Unveiled Allegory Vol. VII


     I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits. From the looks of the many social media posts, texts, and gatherings, we have been a very busy lodge this summer and it is good to see. Brethren have gotten married, put miles on their bikes, traveled in foreign countries, and received master’s wages. The scenes, which this season of our Lodge is displaying, are truly delightful to the discerning eye.

     One of the experiences I relish as a New Jersey resident is the fullness of the seasons. I find the range of nature’s transitions humbling and awe inspiring. Knowing that, before recorded history, the Grand Artificer set in motion the rotation and revolution of the earth so precisely that we experience nature’s various windings as physical beings whilst learn valuable lessons as spiritual beings convinces me of His infinite wisdom.

     Flowers actively wait for their turn to bloom: Patience. The sun gets up and shines every morning, cloudy or not: Perseverance

Rivers cut through rocks: Persistence

Rivers don't drink their own water, Trees don't eat their own fruit: Charity

     Let us exemplify nature's attributes in our daily lives and, while we can feel the warmth of the Light of Masonry in our lodge, relish this time when new Master Masons are in bloom.



Brandon W. McCune WM



Which Masonic flower bloomed in darkness?