Worshipful Master 2018

Brandon W. McCune

The Masters Message - June 2018


Unveiled Allegory Vol. V1


Reflection is essential to the act of self- examination. The ability to summon the presence of mind in order to see one’s self with something remotely resembling objectivity is a skill requiring years of deliberate development, moral discipline and conscious desire. To the Mason who is willing to brave the mirror of self- reflection for the purpose of self-examination: be prepared to face yourself but be assured that you will not do so alone.


In physics, spectacular reflection occurs when the source is reflected from a surface at the same angle and with little change to image. In the mundane, you can’t look yourself in the eyes unless your eyes are at right angles with the mirror.  If our conscience is our mirror, we must be on the square with ourselves. If we consider our circle of friends to be our mirrors, it is prudent that we ensure that they are upright, on the square, and willing to give a just and true account.


Freemasonry provides us with many emblems and working tools to aid and support each other in self-reflection. Imagine being at the center of a circle of unfaltering friends holding up two parallel mirrors with which you may examine yourself. Now where have we seen such an image?



Brandon W. McCune WM