Worshipful Master 2017

Brandon W. McCune

The Masters Message - January2018


      Looking forward to the New Year is a common theme for many households. People take a few moments to reflect upon the lessons of the closing year and formulate resolutions that, they hope, will improve the quality of their lives. Unfortunately, for most, those resolutions are often broken and forgotten as quickly as they are made. Masons, however, become versed in the art of maintaining resolutions from the moment they are initiated into this great brotherhood. Recently, I was asked by a newly initiated brother, “What makes me a Mason?” Beyond the obvious answer, which every brother who has attended an opening of a lodge has heard, lies the charge to maintain a resolution. A Mason promises to work with his brothers to uncover and live out life’s solemn truths, to make his community better than the way he found it, and to continually refine the ashlar of his life.    

       Reflecting upon the reasons I wanted to become a Mason, I am reminded of the movie National Treasure. The protagonist searched for treasure by solving historical clues left by Freemasons of ages past. This character, unlike some of his companions, was more captivated by the clues that furthered the journey and the connections to the past that they uncovered than the actual treasure at the end. Such fascinating parallels can be drawn to our Masonic journey. My curiosity about the mysteries of Freemasonry was rooted in a quest for knowledge and secrets. The treasures that I have gained,  unexpectedly, were far more valuable.

        Brethren, let us take this opportunity to reflect upon the question, “What makes you a Mason?” My journey has led me to scour the several Masonic lectures for a deeper understanding of what our great fraternity has intended for each of us who will be conformable to its precepts. I, truly, count it an honor and privilege to walk beside each of you as we embark upon a year of Unveiled Allegory.



Brandon W. McCune WM