Worshipful Master 2017

Randolph Henderson

The Masters Message - June 2017



What we have built is an edifice to the Grand Design. We are gaining ground on becoming the light in Masonry. And we have done this with an eye towards the future. This year’s Grand Lodge communication in Atlantic city was alive with the awareness of the necessity of the survival of our intuition. And as we now strive to reverse that decline, we are reminded that it is on the endeavors of our own labors in the quarries of masonry, that those endeavors will succeed or fail.


 I put the word “succeed” first because, in the end, we will do so. “When”, you ask. When we become the postured and balanced light of Masonry. And that time is NOW! The present moment. We are on the leading edge in the Renaissance of Masonry. We have the tools at our disposal and we are using them to illuminate the path ahead. Like the blessings of the GAOTU, let us be as bountiful in the giving of knowledge and wisdom to all whom knock at our door. From the traveling Brother, knocking on the outer door to share fraternal communion, to the petitioner knocking on the inner, seeking to be brought to light. That light that we sought, to become who we are.


So, as we now head towards summer refreshment, remember that all great works take dedication. And no greater work exists than family. Let’s honor our families for not just encouraging our journey in Masonry, but supporting it, as well as us. So, when we again assemble to labor in the quarries of Masonry, our minds will be as clear as our purpose, and our endeavors will be greater than ever! Then there will not be again the question of the survival of our great fraternity. May the Blessings of the Great Architect be abundant!             




WM Randolph Henderson


“On the Wings of Eagles”