West Orange #205


Warrant:  4/19/1917

14 Northfield Avenue in West Orange

The following was presented to Grand Lodge in Trenton on April 19th 1917:


“Your Committee on Dispensations and Warrants, to whom was referred the question of granting a warrant to West Orange Lodge, beg leave to report that the petitioners are regularly dimitted Masons of Centennial Lodge No. 118 of the Jurisdiction of Connecticut, Converse Lodge of the Jurisdiction of Massachusetts, Union Lodge No. 11, Acacia Lodge No. 20, Washington Lodge No. 33, Eureka Lodge No. 39, Essex Lodge No. 49, Corinthian Lodge No. 57, Century Lodge No. 100, and Hope Lodge No. 124 of the Jurisdiction of New Jersey, Anglo-Saxon Lodge No. 137, Atlas Lodge No. 316, Ivy Lodge No. 397, Greenwich Lodge No. 467, Republic Lodge No. 690, Pentalpha Lodge No. 744, and Reliance Lodge No. 776 of the Jurisdiction of New York, and have been doing Masonic work under a dispensation granted by the Most Worshipful Grand Master dated December 15th 1916; that they have made arrangements for the use of the room of Century Lodge No. 100 (56 South Orange Avenue, South Orange), until such time as a new building which they contemplate erecting can be completed and which will, of course, be completed under the supervision and subject to the approval of the Grand Master, or the District Deputy, as decided upon; that they have held thirteen Communications under dispensation with an average attendance of 31.6, three applications are pending, twelve have been initiated, eleven passed, and five raised, and they have approximately $800 in the treasury.


Your Committee, therefore, respectfully recommends that a warrant be granted to Simeon H. Rollinson, as Worshipful Master, Lawrence E. Kocher, as Senior Warden, and August C. Schaller, as Junior Warden, and their associates, for a new Lodge at West Orange, to be known and hailed as West Orange Lodge No. 205.”