Union #21 in Orange



Warrant 1/14/1809

"By laws of Union Lodge Unanimously adopted - April 17th 1810"


Section 1st
Article 1st


That a lodge of free and accepted masons be held in Orange each Tuesday upon or preceding every full moon throughout the year.


Article 2nd

The lodge shall consist of one Master, two wardens, one Treasurer, one Secretary, two deacons, two stewards, one master of ceremonies, and as many members as the master and majority shall think proper.


 Article 3rd

Every brother shall appear in clean decent clothing, and shall observe a due decorum while the lodge is open, and particularly while engaged in what is serious and solemn.


 Article 4th

For the preservation of secrecy and good harmony, a brother skilled as a master mason shall be appointed and paid for tyling the lodge during the time of communication, and for every night he attends to his duty he shall be entitled to fifty cents, and in case there is an initiation he shall receive one dollar as an additional fee, and likewise, be exempt from  paying the regular evening dues.

Section 2nd
Article 1st


The lodge shall meet from the Vernal to the Autumnal equinox at 7 o'clock in the evening and sit till 10, and from the Autumnal to the Vernal equinox shall meet at 6 o'clock and sit till nine.


 Article 2nd


The officers of this lodge shall be chosen by ballot on the stated lodge meeting next (?) preceding the festival of St. John the Evangelist.


 Section 3rd


On every stated lodge night, each member absent or present shall pay into or be debtor to the Treasury 12 1/2 cents, if an extra lodge be called at the desire and on the particular request or business of an individual, in such case, such individual shall pay into the Treasury the sum of three dollars for the expense of such extra Lodge.


 Section 4th


No visitor shall be admitted into the lodge without the consent of the Master and having first performed a certain ceremony, in the presence of some officers of the lodge, except such visitor be known in the lodge as a lawful mason of good standing. Nor shall any brother visit a third time who is not a member of some regular lodge - sojourners excepted.


 Section 5th
Article 1st


Any person desirous of being initiated into the mysteries of this institution shall manifest such his wish by a written petition addressed to the lodge which shall be presented by a brother at least one regular lodge night before the ballots of the lodge shall be taken for the petitioner, in order that the brethren may have time to inquire into the morals, character and circumstances of such petitioner


 Article 2nd


The brother who presents the petition shall at the same time deposit with the Secretary the sum of eight dollars to ensure the lodge that the candidate will come forward if his petition be granted, and after the initiation of the candidate, he shall pay eight Dollars more making in the whole sixteen Dollars all of which must be paid before being raised to the degree of M Mason. But if the lodge think the candidate unworthy and reject his petition, his money deposited shall be faithfully returned. But in case the Lodge approve of the candidate and grant his request and the candidate does not come forward thereto within three months after preferring the same, his deposit shall be forfeited for the relief of distressed Free Masons.


 Article 3rd


No person is capable of becoming a Free Mason and a member of this Lodge but such as are of mature age, upright in body and limbs, free from bondage, having the senses of a man and endowed with an estate, office, trade, occupation, or some visible means of acquiring an honest and respectable livelihood as is becoming the members of this most ancient and honorable Fraternity.


 Article 4th


Any old mason desirous of becoming a member of this lodge, upon being proposed by a member of the same, shall be balloted for, and if admitted, shall pay into the Treasury the sum of three Dollars.


 Section 6th
Article 1st


Any member guilty of indecent, rude, or improper words or behavior in the lodge shall be censured by the Master or fined as the majority of the lodge shall think proper.


 Article 2nd


Any member coming in the lodge disguised with spirritous liquor shall be admonished by the Master for the first offense, fined 3 dollars for the second, and for the third be expelled and reported to the Grand Lodge.


 Article 3rd


Any member of this lodge who shall disclose the secret transactions thereof to anyone not  a member shall be suspended and reported to the Grand Lodge.


 Article 4th


Any member of this lodge who is found conversing as a mason with an expelled member of any lodge knowing him to be such shall be suspended and reported to the Grand Lodge.


 Section 7th
Article 1st


The Secretary and Treasurer shall post up and settle their accounts with each individual member once a Quarter, and with the lodge at large once a year computing from St. John the Evangelist 1810.


 Article 2nd


The members of this lodge shall contribute annually to the Grand Lodge fund or general charity for the relief of distressed Free Masons according to the general mode of contributing for the time being.


 Section 8th


One member of this lodge shall not go to law with another without first laying the matter of his complaint before the lodge, that the lodge as brethren may endeavor to effect a settlement. But if this prove ineffectual, then he shall be at liberty to seek redress as an ordinary citizen in the like case.


 Section 9th


No member of this lodge shall be permitted to speak more than twice in one evening on the same subject of debate.


 Section 10th


Any member of this lodge who shall, on a charge of frequent intoxication or a general immorality of conduct unbecoming a regular member of this lodge, be reported to this lodge, and the charges be so supported as to obtain the votes of a majority of the members present against him; the whole of the members being specially notified to attend shall for the first offense be reprimanded from the chair, for the second offense be suspended for three months, and if at the expiration of that time he does not reform and make such concessions as shall meet the forgiveness of the brethren, he shall be expelled and reported to the Grand Lodge.


 Section 11th


Any person desirous of becoming a member of this lodge and having petitioned as before mentioned, the petition laid over at least one regular lodge meeting, the ballots shall then be taken and must be declared to be unanimous or he cannot be admitted, one dissenting vote is to be considered as sufficient to exclude the petition.


 Section 12th


These by-laws shall be in full force until repealed by the majority of the members present in lodge and to show our conformity to them we have hereunto subscribed our names with the date thereto of our initiation.