Livingston #289


Warrant: 4/19/1950

2 Old Road in Livingston

The following was presented to Grand Lodge in Trenton on April 19th 1950:

“Your Committee on Dispensations and Warrants, to whom was referred the question of granting a warrant to Livingston Lodge, beg leave to report that the petitioners (88 in number) are members of Jerusalem Temple Lodge No. 90 of the jurisdiction of Illinois, Hampden Lodge of the jurisdiction of Massachusetts, Marquette Lodge No. 101 and Palestine Lodge No. 357 of the jurisdiction of Michigan, St. John’s Lodge No. 1, Newark Lodge No. 7, Franklin Lodge No. 10, Northern Lodge No. 25, Eureka Lodge No. 39, Bloomfield Lodge No. 40, Corinthian Lodge No. 57, Caldwell Lodge No. 59, St. Albans Lodge No. 68, Century Lodge No. 100, Cosmos Lodge No. 106, Pythagoras Lodge No. 118, Roseville Lodge No. 143, Copestone Lodge No. 147, Triune Lodge No. 159, Ophir Lodge No. 186, Morristown Lodge No. 188, Continental Lodge No. 190, Verona Lodge No. 198, West Orange Lodge No. 205, East Orange Lodge No. 208, Clinton Hill Lodge No. 209, Hawthorne Lodge No. 212, Vehslage Lodge No. 225, Wilkins Lodge No. 231, Damascus Lodge No. 234, Walter Chandler Lodge No. 260, Ampere Lodge No. 268, North Arlington Lodge No. 271, Gavel Lodge No. 273, Cedar Lodge No. 275, and Vailsburgh Lodge No. 278 of the district of New Jersey,Manitou Lodge No. 106, Binghamton Lodge No. 177, Hermann Lodge No. 268, Athelstane Lodge No. 839, Bronx Lodge No. 870 and Bryn Mawr Lodge No. 882 of the jurisdiction of New York, Burns Lodge No. 10 and Concord Lodge No. 24 of the jurisdiction of Nova Scotia, La Fayette Lodge No. 199 and Royersford Lodge No. 585 of the jurisdiction of Pennsylvania, Shettleston St. John Lodge No. 128, Sanquhar Kilwinning Lodge No. 194 and Whifflet St. John Lodge No. 963 of the jurisdiction of Scotland, and were set to work by the Most Worshipful Grand Master on the 14th of September 1949; that 27 communications were held; that 46 petitions for initiation and membership were received; that 35 petitioners were elected and 11 petitions are pending; that they conferred the Entered Apprentice Degree on 34 candidates, the Fellow Craft Degree on 34 candidates and the Master Mason Degree on 34 candidates; that they have secured a safe and suitable room in which to do Masonic work; that they have secured suitable paraphernalia and have a balance of $2,416.56 in the treasury.

Your Committee, therefore, recommends that a warrant be granted to John Leo Pollock, as Worshipful Master; Walter Wootton as Senior Warden, and Richard Selden Fawcett as Junior Warden, and their associates, for a Masonic lodge in the Township of Livingston, to be known and hailed as Livingston Lodge No. 289.”