Germania #128


Warrant: 1/18/1872

At Grand Lodge in Trenton On January 17, 1872, a report of “a visitor to German Lodges” by one L. Kissling was read which contained the following:


“A large number of brethren, having obtained their dimits from Diogenes Lodge No. 22 (748 Broad Street, Newark), and being desirous of opening a new German Lodge, to be called Germania, have exemplified their work in Schiller Lodge No. 66 (also in Newark) in a very satisfactory manner. I most cheerfully endorse the application of these brethren for a warrant, knowing of no reason why their request should not be granted.”

So at Grand Lodge the next morning (9:30 a.m. to be exact), January 18, 1872, “a committee appointed to consider the dispensations granted by the M.W. Grand Master, and other applications for warrants for new Lodges, hereby report that having examined the papers referred to them, they recommend that warrants be granted to the following Lodges” – of which “Germania Lodge, in the city of Newark, with the officers named in the petition, as No. 128” was one.

The charter members are listed as "A. Bugesser, Henry Koch, William Kraft, Jacob Brill, Frederick Kiefer, Louis Hepp, J. Albers
W. Serbe, B. Assman, M. Ortmann, H. J. Becker, John Thielen
Fred Danner, L. Kellner, Frank Hurle, and John Wegle"

The officers for the first year were:
George Bergesser, P.M., W.M.
Bernhard Assman, S.W.
Michael Gertmann, J.W.
Henry Koch, TREAS.
H.J. Becker, SEC'Y
William Kraft, S.D.
Jacob Briel, J.D.
John Thielen, M. of C.
Fredrick Kiefer, "
Joseph Albers, TYLER