Delta #232


Warrant: 4/20/1922

3rd Ave and Broad Street in Newark

The following was presented to Grand Lodge in Trenton on April 20th 1922:

“Your Committee on Dispensations and Warrants, to whom was referred the question of granting a warrant to Delta Lodge, beg leave to report that the petitioners are all regularly dimitted Masons of St. John’s, Lisburn Lodge No. 811 of the jurisdiction of Ireland, Amicable Lodge No. 25 of the jurisdiction of Maryland, Ark Lodge No. 176 of the jurisdiction of Minnesota, Newark Lodge No. 7, Northern Lodge No. 25, Bloomfield Lodge No. 40, Independence Lodge No. 42, St. Alban’s Lodge No. 68, Cosmos Lodge No. 106, Orient Lodge No. 126, Tyrian Lodge No. 134, Roseville Lodge No. 143, Columbia Lodge No. 176, Ophir Lodge No. 186, and Composite Lodge No. 223 of the jurisdiction of New Jersey, Tompkins Lodge No. 471 and Charles W. Mead Lodge No. 862 of the jurisdiction of New York, Carey Lodge No. 420 of the jurisdiction of Ohio, Norristown Lodge No. 620 of the jurisdiction of Pennsylvania, and were set to work by the Most Worshipful Grand Master on the fourth day of February, 1922; that they conferred the Entered Apprentice Degree on eighteen candidates; the Fellow Craft Degree on ten candidates and eight petitions are waiting action; that they have a suitable and safe lodge-room in which to do Masonic work; that they have secured suitable paraphernalia, and that they have $1,327.00 in the treasury.

Your Committee, therefore, respectfully recommends that a warrant be granted to Marion H. Hall, as Worshipful Master; J. Vreeland Haring, as Senior Warden, and Lewis C. Hoover, as Junior Warden, and their associates, for a Masonic lodge at Newark, to be known and hailed as Delta Lodge No. 232.”