Columbia #176

At Grand Lodge on 30 Jan 1902, The Committee on Dispensations and Warrants presented the following report, which was, on motion, received and the recommendation adopted:

First.--That the said petitioners are regularly dimitted Masons from Northern Lodge No.25, Oriental Lodge No.51, Kane Lodge No.55, St. Alban's Lodge No.68, Triluminar Lodge No.112, and Tyrian Lodge No.134 of the jurisdiction of New Jersey, St. Cecile No.568 of the jurisdiction of New York, and Centre Lodge No.23 of the jurisdiction of Indiana, doing Masonic work under the dispensation granted them by the Most Worshipful Grand Master, April 4th, 1901.

Second.--That the brethren exemplified the work of the Three Symbolic Degrees of Ancient Craft Masonry before Northern Lodge No.25, in a satisfactory manner, as certified to by the Worshipful Master and Secretary under seal of the Lodge.

Third.--That they have secured a suitable and safe Lodge room for doing Masonic work. Your committee, after having heard the testimony of the Representatives of Lodges Nos. 1,7,25,68,106,112,143, all of the city of Newark, and having read the endorsement of 104 Past Masters of the city of Newark, and, in addition to the above, your committee heard the testimony of R. W. District Deputy Elmer E. Smith, of the Sixth District, and would respectfully recommend that a warrant be granted to Worshipful Brother Adolph Holzner to be Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother William A. Baker to be Senior Warden, Worshipful Brother Edward Theurich to be Junior Warden, and their associates for a new Lodge at Newark, to be known and hailed as Columbia Lodge No.176.