Grand Master from our Lodge

John Stephen Ryan


My greatest responsibility to you as Grand Master is to help make certain that New Jersey Freemasonry grows and prospers. I believe that it is essential that we strive toward realizing the highest aspirations we share for our fraternity. This is why I chose four years ago to have “Moving Forward” as my official motto. Who would have ever thought at that time or predicted that it would be the most appropriate description of the spirit of Freemasonry and exactly what is happening today in New Jersey?

To move forward, we must look back and draw upon our proud heritage. Our craft’s traditions spring from a fervent belief in Almighty God. Our membership includes those who possess uncompromising moral values and principles. By using these beliefs as our guide, we have a positive impact on society.

Our charitable and educational programs are the tools we use to shape our communities. These Masonic activities include the Child Identification Program (C.H.I.P.), the Masonic Blood Bank, the Veterans Hospital Visitation Program, the Model Students Assistance Program and the Masonic Community Charity Fund. These programs and others have helped many to achieve the goal of living a productive, honorable and dignified life.

What you and I do today as Masons to build a better world will be returned manifold to our children and to all mankind. Be involved in being a Master Mason and Freemasonry will “Move Forward.”

From The New Jersey Freemason, Summer 2007 issue