Grand Master from our Lodge

Allton Harvey Sherman
Happy are we in that we have lived to see this day and to see and to greet this large number of our Brethren of the Mystic Tie. The Masonic year just closing has been very prosperous and successful. We have made large additions to our numbers; all good men and true we believe; men whom we are glad to be associated with and to call them our Brethren. We have, in several notable instances, renovated, improved and enlarged our meeting places; we have largely increased our funds, we have helped to feed the hungry and to clothe the naked. All these material things we have done in large measure. We have strengthened our faith in spiritual matters; we have increased our belief in the immortality of the soul and I humbly trust that we have refined and strengthened our character. For all these great blessings that our bountiful Father has showered upon us may our hearts overflow with gratitude to Him, the Giver of every good and perfect gift.
Grand Lodge address
19 Apr 1911

Brother Sherman was born in Eastford, Connecticut on the 23rd of November 1852. He finished his education at Yale College, graduating with the A. B. degree in 1878, and in the same year accepted a position as teacher in a school at Rockaway, N.J., but later resigned to become one of the faculty of educational institutions, first at Orange N.J., and later at Newark N.J. He was next appointed Superintendent of Schools at West Orange, which position he held until 1922, when he was retired under the age limit rule.

Grand Lodge Positions:
District Deptuy of the 9th District, 1894-1903
Committee on Printing, 1906
Junior Grand Warden, 1907
Senior Grand Warden, 1908
Deputy Grand Master, 1909
Grand Master, 1910
Committee on Grand Lodge Charity Fund, 1910
Committee on Masonic Home, 1910
Committee on Jurisdiction of Lodges, 1911-1915
War Council, 1918
Committee on Masonic Jurisprudence, 1915-1925
Committee on Appeals and Grievances, 1926
Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Texas near the Grand Lodge of New Jersey, 1909 till death.